This company's customer service is EPIC! I love the product, but I love their customer satisfaction concerns even more. Keep up the good work! - Cheryl
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If you think most electronic cigarettes are pretty much the same, you're right. Except for Eco-Cigs.

We make the industry's only tip-charging e-cigarette. (In fact, we invented it!) You'll love our rechargeable because it's easy to charge – just push and click. And there's no disassembly required, no parts to lose, no pieces to roll under the sofa.

What's more, every Eco-Cigs product delivers what you want most: smooth flavor, abundant vapor and dependable puff counts.

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Eco-Cigs are

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the Basics

You probably know that an electronic cigarette delivers a realistic "smoking" experience without the smoke, ash, tar or smell of traditional cigarettes. But do you know how it actually happens?

Inside every e-cigarette is a battery, a cartridge containing liquid, several sensors and controllers, and a tiny heating element. When you take a puff, the micro-electronics tell the heating element to turn a small amount of the liquid into smoke-like vapor. It's complicated. But all you have to do is enjoy.

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